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Position #D121918

A fantastic family of four located in 12 South (37204) is seeking a FULL-TIME nanny for their 2 children (G3 & G5mos). Big sister is in school most days, so care is most commonly needed for the baby. The family is looking for a nanny to help them navigate this first year and the transitions on the horizon (transition to food, really great with developmentally appropriate activities, etc).

Schedule: 7:30 am - 5:30 pm, 46-50 hours/week

Pay: $18-20+/hr., DOE (with overtime paid at time and a half) + benefits include: 10 paid holidays, 10 vacation days, half of health insurance paid

Their ideal candidate:
- can give a long-term commitment of at least a year or two
- has experience with infants and toddlers (and juggling both at the same time)
- can pitch in with child-related light housekeeping
- is (one) dog-friendly

Requirements: Candidates must have a college degree and previous full-time nanny experience.

Start: August 12th

Position #R4119

An active family located in Franklin (37069) is seeking a PART-TIME Family Assistant for their three boys (13, 10, and 9 years). They need someone that can pick up the boys from school and help out around the house until mom or dad gets home.

Monday 3-7 pm
Wednesday 7-8:30 am
Thursday 7 - 8:30am / 3-7pm
Friday (flexible) 2 - 6 pm

Hours: up to 20 hours a week will be guaranteed for the right candidate

Pay: $15-20/hr.

Duties include: driving children, children's laundry and linens, dishes, meal prep, grocery shopping

Their ideal candidate:
- has experience managing a household
- is a self-starter and undertakes tasks on their own initiative, without needing to be told or encouraged to do so
- has a safe and reliable vehicle and a clean driving record

Start: August 12

Position #S8918

A FULL-TIME nanny is needed for a family in Belle Meade (37205) with three children; ages 9, 7, and 3. Both parents work full-time and need a team player who is a Jill of All Trades!

The oldest two children are in school during the week and their youngest child attends Mother's Day Out on Wednesdays and Fridays. Nanny will be expected to take care of light housekeeping, children's laundry, dinner prep, and errands. Nanny will be responsible for pick-ups and drop-offs and the family will provide a nanny car.

Schedule needed:
Tuesday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wednesday 7:00 am - 5:30 pm
Thursday 8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 am

Hours: 38 - 40 hours/week guaranteed

Pay: $15-20/hr., depending on experience

Their ideal candidate:
- has a positive and pleasant can-do attitude
- will be a positive influence on the children, has good values and strong character
- has strong communication skills
- is a self-starter and can anticipate a family's needs
- can give a long-term commitment
- is comfortable in a religious home
- is dog-friendly (1 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)
- is comfortable with a parent that occasionally works from home
- understands the dynamic of a lively household with a lot of moving parts

Start: end of August/beginning of September

Position #B62719

A duel physician family in Green Hills (37215) is in need of a FULL-TIME SUPERnanny for their two children (ages 2 years and a newborn) once mom goes back to work in September.

Hours: Due to both parents having demanding jobs, they are in need of a nanny that can work Sunday - Saturday, between the hours of 7 am - 7 pm. Nanny's schedule will follow Mom's and they can provide a schedule 2 weeks in advance. Two weekends a month, some major holidays, and overnights will be necessary. The family will guarantee 40 hours/week.

Expectations: The family has a housekeeper so the nanny's sole focus should only be on the children.

Pay: $18-20/hr.

Their ideal candidate:
- has a very flexible schedule
- has recent infant experience
- has experience juggling a toddler and infant
- can give at least a 1-year commitment
- is engaging, mature, and always present, focused on the children

Start: August

Position #B21718

First-time parents in Charlotte Park (37209) are seeking an experienced FULL-TIME nanny to care for their baby girl (born April 24) while they are on a waitlist for daycare.

Schedule availability needed: Monday - Friday,
6:30 am - 6:30 pm
and one Saturday a month

Nanny's schedule will be provided one month in advance

36 guaranteed hours, $17-20/hr.

The ideal candidate:
- has extensive infant experience
- will engage their daughter in developmentally appropriate activities and routines throughout the week
- can identify and encourage milestones
- is willing to give a 3 month commitment, possibly longer
- is pet-friendly (2 dogs and 1 cat)

♦️Start: ASAP

Position #P6219

An energetic, engaging, and nurturing FULL-TIME nanny is needed in Belle Meade (37205) for two boys, ages 3.5 and 19 months.

The typical schedule will be Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM, but flexibility will be needed depending on parents' schedules and travel.

Hours: 40 guaranteed/week, but up to 45 will be needed regularly
Pay: $18/hr. (overtime rate: $27/hr.)

Their ideal candidate: 
- is cheerful, playful, and is fully present (never on their phone)
- enjoys outings to libraries, the Frist, Cheekwood, the Zoo
- should be proactive, take initiative to do things, and innately helpful
- can help foster a fun learning environment, teaching the alphabet, numbers, and other toddler and preschool curriculum
- can give a long-term commitment and wants to find a family to grow with
- is a strong multi-tasker and is able to support two busy working parents
- is comfortable with a parent that works from home
- has a safe and reliable car that can accommodate 2 car seats

If you are someone who is always one step ahead, can see that something needs to do done and jumps right on it, then you could be the perfect fit!

Start: end of July

Position #A53019

A family located in Oak Hill (37220) is seeking an extra set of hands to join their family and help out with their 5-year-old twins PART-TIME after school.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, and optional Saturdays (4-5 days/week), 2:30/3 - 7:30 pm

Hours: 20 hours/week guaranteed for strictly childcare, 25 hours/week if nanny wants to add in some light household management duties

Pay: $18/hr.

Pets: 1 cat

Their ideal candidate:
- is loving but firm and can enforce boundaries
- is patient, energetic, creative, and engaging
- enjoys outdoor sports and play
- can assist with homework and Kindergarten preparedness

♦️Start: ASAP

Position #M42919A/B

A warm, loving, and fun family in Belle Meade (37205) is in search of an outstanding TEAM of TWO for their home to help keep up with childcare, housekeeping, and cooking. The ideal team will support each other’s schedules and the family as needed.

#M42919A: Nanny role: The family has 3 children (B6, G1, B1) who will be in school at various times during the day but mom is very hands-on, so someone who will work as a team and can be an extension of her will be important. Their ideal nanny is someone who is very experienced, discreet, and will hit the ground running on day one. If you come from a big family yourself or are used to a busy/active lifestyle then you will be perfect!

Their ideal candidate is positive, creative, cheerful, loving, kind, and has recent infant & toddler experience. Duties include but aren't limited to: getting children dressed and ready for school, cooking healthy meals for the children, reading and singing to the kids, creating fun developmentally savvy activities, playing outdoors with the kids, and bath/bed time. Candidate must be willing to take responsibility for the kids laundry and uniforms, and cleaning/organization of all kids rooms and play spaces. The family is extremely organized and tidy. If children are resting or at class, the candidate must be willing to pitch-in with other household activities like grocery shopping, errands, and light housekeeping. Hours for this position are 11 am - 7:30 pm. Family is seeking a candidate that would be willing to babysit on occasion at nighttime and/or on weekends.

#M42919B: Housekeeper/Cook: Their ideal candidate will have excellent organizational skills, a pleasant demeanor and be able to communicate well with others. The person must have 3+ years experience in a similar position. The family is extremely organized and tidy. Duties include but aren't limited to: Deep cleaning 4500 sq ft home, making beds, ironing, cooking healthy meals, running errands and picking up dry cleaning, polishing silver, family laundry, shopping for household items, and can serve as a backup nanny helping out with childcare when necessary. Candidate must have had childcare experience in the past as well. Hours for this position are: Monday - Friday, 7 am - 3 pm.

Both positions will require a car and candidates that are Spanish bilingual is a major plus. Family is seeking a long-term commitment as they would like someone that can stay with them for many years and grow with the family.

Pay: $19/hr.

Start Date: August 12

Position #C5319

A fun-loving family of three in Bellevue (37221) is seeking a FULL-TIME nanny for their (18-month-old) little boy.

Hours: Monday - Friday, 7:00 am - 5 pm
40 hours/week guaranteed but up to 50 will be needed some weeks (overtime paid at time and a half)

Pay: $18/hr.

From now until August the family will need a nanny 40-45 hours/week. Starting in August, their son will start MDO (T/Th, 9-2:30) and the hours will reduce to 40 hours/week. MDO drop-offs and pickups will be necessary on T/TH.

Their ideal candidate:
- is reliable, loving, positive, and engaging
- has strong communication skills
- is (one Labradoodle) dog-friendly
- has a safe and reliable vehicle
- enjoys outings and going on daily walks
- can encourage independence and skills
- can help out with child-related light housekeeping
- can give a long-term commitment
- is willing to get a flu shot

♦️Start: ASAP

Position #A32918

A family located in Spring Hill (37174) is seeking a FULL-TIME Nanny/Mother's Helper for their three boys (ages: 5 years, 2.5 years, and 16 months).

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 7:30 am - 3:30 pm
Hours: 30-40+ hours/week guaranteed

Pay: $15-18/hr.

Their ideal candidate:
- lives within 15 miles of the family
- would be loving, energetic, and a self-starter
- present while with the child(ren)
- can come up with fun activities for a toddler
- is comfortable working alongside mom
- is comfortable with a parent (dad) that works from home
- is comfortable with 1 hypoallergenic dog

Start: by late August

Position #T4519

A sweet family in Belle Meade is seeking a PART-TIME nanny for their 3 children (B4, B18mos, and baby #3 due in Sept!)

Schedule: Days/times negotiable but definitely some afternoons 1:30/2 - 6/7:00

17-20 hours/week, $20/hr. 

Their ideal candidate:
- has experience with multiple young children
- will keep the children safe, loved, nurtured and stimulated
- has their own car and is comfortable with driving children occasionally
- can assist with child-related light housekeeping 
- is nurturing, motivated, and not afraid to jump right in! 
- can give at least a 1-year commitment 

♦️Start: ASAP