Summer activities for June!

It is officially summer and with it comes lots of time to make new memories, go new places, and try new things!

Here is a list of 20 fun things to do for the 20 weekdays in the month of June:

1) Organize a neighborhood bike parade

(via Pumpkin Petunia)

2) Set up a Slip 'N Slide

3) Scavenger hunts

4) Make a kite and fly it

5) Read a book about archaeologists, then hide rocks, matchbox cars, army men, mini animals, or dinosaurs, in a sand pit and have a excavation! 

6) Use magazines to make mosaics

7) Make a Mentos & Diet Coke geyser

8) Play some water balloon games

9) Check out geocaching(a modern day treasure hunt!)

10) Play Outdoor Twister

11) Have a picnic at a local park

12) Eat a watermelon or apple and plant the seeds in a cup

13) Have an alphabet hunt

14) Have a car wash (bathing suits and water fights are highly encouraged!)

15) Tie dye T-shirts

16) Visit a local pond or lake and feed the ducks

17) Play dress up and have a photo shoot

18) Put on a favorite song and film a music video

19) Play Outdoor Color Match

20) Make Sponge Bombs

We hope these ideas help you have a WONDERFUL summer full of adventure and fun!