Nanny Portfolios

Sometimes it's hard as a nanny to stand out from the crowd during interviews. Many families meet with multiple nannies and if your experience level and education are similar to other candidates they are interviewing, how can you set yourself apart?

A Nanny Portfolio!

A nanny portfolio is typically a binder or folder that gives a visual of the type of nanny you are, your strategy and approach of how you would invest in their children. 


What your Nanny Portfolio should include:

  • Cover letter and updated resume  -  You should include a statement on why you choose to nanny, a bit about your background, something about your family that you grew up with and anything else you’d like your future employers to know about you. Nashville Nanny Agency will assist you in putting together a resume in order to highlight your experience. 


  • Letters of recommendation from previous employers - You should get a written letter of reference from each family that you work for. It is suggested that you get letters from your family while you are working for them, just in case things don’t end on such a positive note, but most families are happy to provide them after you have ended your position with them.


  • A copy of your most recent CPR certification,  driver's license, registration, college degree, and any nanny training certificates you have
  • Craft ideas - you can keep these age appropriate to the family you are interviewing with or you can keep a few examples at different ages.
  • Recipies you enjoy preparing with children  
  • A list of child-friendly places nearby - check out our blog here for some ideas!
  • Indoor activity ideas - for days it's raining or too hot/cold to go outside
  • Photos of you with children you have cared for in the past 
  • Nanny daily log -  Click here
  • A list of infant milestones and activities to encourage milestones

When putting together your portfolio make sure that everything looks neat and tidy and fits into a binder well. Since you won't leave your nanny portfolio with a family, be sure to make and bring along copies of any pages you want to leave behind for parents to reference later after your interview. Families will often have several candidates to review during the hiring process, and if your information is easy to reference and stands out you are more likely to secure a working interview and hopefully land the job! 

Rachel Adkins