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Minimum Requirements

- At least 18 years of age
- At least 3 years of professional childcare experience
- Have excellent verifiable professional references
- High School diploma
- Infant/child CPR & First Aid certification or willing to
be certified before beginning new position
- Non-smoker
- Have valid driver’s license and a clean driving record
- Have U.S. work authorization
- Be fluent or able to communicate effectively in English
- A genuine love for working with children


Looking for nanny jobs in Nashville?

Whether you are a career nanny seeking a full-time, long-term position or someone looking for part-time or seasonal work with children, we’ve got you covered. Working with an agency is the best way to secure some of the best jobs in the area. And our agency is ready to help you find your dream nanny job! We don't work with every family that applies with our agency and just like we have strict requirements for nannies, we have requirements for families to work with us, as well. 

SAFETY - Using websites to find nanny jobs can be very dangerous. There is no way of knowing who is really posting a job or what the job posters’ real intentions are. Our agency works closely and researches each family so we can be sure that our nannies will be in a safe work environment. 

WE WORK HARD FOR YOU - With a plethora of families seeking nannies and sitters, it can be difficult to find a job that is a “good fit.” We are experienced matchmakers and connect families and nannies based on compatibility in a variety of areas which helps ensure greater job satisfaction and increased job security. Most importantly, working with us means you’ll have an advocate. Ever started a job and realized that it wasn’t what you thought it would be? In our Placement Division, we help and families and nannies establish a work agreement that both parties sign which details job description, duties, compensation, taxes, benefits, etc. and help make sure that nannies are receiving fair treatment. Our owner started as a nanny, too. And you can be sure that we will support you every step of the way.

HIGHER PAY & BENEFITS - We love seeing our nannies reach their full potential and believe that being a nanny can be a lucrative career. With our help, nannies acquire high salaried, permanent placement positions with families. Some of these jobs come with benefits like guaranteed hours, health insurance stipends, paid vacation time, paid sick days, and more.

STAND OUT - There are hundreds of self-identified nannies in our community. Having worked with a reputable agency on your resume shows potential clients that you are the real deal. To be a Nashville Nanny Agency nanny is to be a proven professional in the child care industry.