“I have worked with Rachel over the past two years and she has found two permanent nannies for us that were both perfect fits for our family. Rachel possess the skills to find nannies who are not just qualified, but who will fit well in each unique family. I have learned that there are many great nannies, but not every nanny is the right fit for every family. The two women that she helped us hire have not only made our lives easier and supported the growth of our child, but they will be a part of our family for many years to come. We are so grateful for her support and highly recommend her agency.”- Brie K.

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Rachel and her staff at Nashville Nanny Agency. My husband and I relocated to Murfreesboro from the greater DC area at the end of the summer. Upon starting work, it was quickly apparent that we needed extra help with our two young children. After a brief but overwhelming query of the primary babysitter/caregiver website, I reached out to the Nashville Nanny Agency for assistance, and I could not be happier with my decision. Rachel and her team made the process of finding a nanny seamless and easy. They handled all of the logistics and took great care in matching us with a young woman who fit our needs to a tee. I absolutely love that Rachel was once a nanny and is now a mother as this allows her to understand both sides of the equation. It truly makes her perfectly suited for her job as she serves as both your advocate and your future nanny's advocate. We will forever be grateful for the role she played in introducing us to the newest member of our family, our nanny." - Christina R.

“We had a wonderful experience working with Rachel on our nanny search. She listened closely to our needs and found the perfect nanny for our baby girl. Rachel made what could have been an overwhelming and stressful process so easy. We would highly recommend Nashville Nanny Agency to anyone going through the nanny search!” - Caroline and Hunter

"My husband and I used Nashville Nanny Agency to find a nanny after the birth of our first child and we could not have had a better experience.  We were unfamiliar with the process of interviewing, selecting, and hiring and needed guidance throughout.  Rachel is a true professional with an undeniable talent for finding the perfect match between nannies and families.  She is personable and knowledgeable and treated us as if we were a member of her own family.

Rachel was a nanny herself for many years and she knows the ins and outs of the industry better than anyone we've ever met.  She was able to give advice on candidates, negotiations, payroll services, and answer many, many other questions that we had as new parents.  The process of finding a good nanny can be daunting and Rachel was absolutely invaluable.

We are so happy with the nanny that Rachel matched us with and we never would have found her if not for Nashville Nanny Agency.  I would give Nashville Nanny Agency my highest recommendation and I would never go anywhere else! - Karen L. 

“My husband and I had a great experience with Rachel and strongly recommend Nashville Nanny Agency to families in need of a nanny.  Rachel took great care in listening to our needs, screening candidates, and ultimately matching us with a fantastic nanny.  Rachel took the guess-work out of the process, which allowed us to feel confident when it came time to make our hiring decision. We never would have been able to find such a perfect fit on our own.  We will absolutely use Nashville Nanny Agency again if we find ourselves in search of another nanny in the future.”  – Lindsay S.

“Rachel with Nashville Nanny Agency was incredible to work with. She was extremely professional, responsive and personable. She was thorough and informative in her initial consult to determine exactly what we were looking for in a nanny. Her background as a nanny and previous work placing nannies with other families helped her bring up things to consider that weren’t even top of our mind as new parents. Within a matter of days, she already had a candidate in mind for us. She set up the interview and we were able to make an offer to a highly qualified nanny that met all of our requirements. I would highly recommend Rachel and the Nashville Nanny Agency!” – Amanda H.

“As a professional nanny, I am very picky with the agencies I choose to work with. Rachel advocates for both nannies and families, which is the number one thing I look for in an agency. She was so great and understanding as to what I was looking for in a position. Within a week of beginning the process, she had found the perfect family for me to meet with. I know things don’t always move that quickly, but I was so impressed with how things were handled. I have been with the family for two months now and I could not be happier! I am so thankful to Nashville Nanny Agency for finding the perfect match for me!” – Katie B.

“The Nashville Nanny Agency was a wonderful company to work with.  Rachel, the owner, was extremely professional and helpful from the moment I first contacted her, through to the time we were able to hire a nanny.  We first contacted the Nashville Nanny Agency in mid-May, after searching for several weeks for a nanny using a different agency.  Within 2 weeks, Rachel was able to provide a suitable candidate and we were able to hire our new nanny.  We have had many nannies in the years since our children were born (they are 13 and 11 now) so we only needed to interview one nanny to know that we had found the right person.  Rachel was very efficient, and it was simple and easy to schedule an interview.  The agency walked us through the process of hiring, and made it simple and painless.  After many years using a different agency, I feel that the nannies provided by this agency are head and shoulders above those that other services provide.  They are more thoroughly screened and there is a real effort on the part of the agency to carefully match care providers with jobs so that time is not wasted on interviewing candidates who are unable to work the hours or days needed for your specific job or who may just not be a good fit for your family.  I am hopeful that our current nanny will want to stay with us for several years, but if we ever do find ourselves in need of a new nanny, we would absolutely use this service again, and I will be recommending this agency to my friends!” – Anna F.

“I can’t say enough great things about her business and she truly rescued us! She was thorough, asked a ton of questions to understand what what type of nanny we were looking for, and then went to work… vetting potential candidates, setting up interviews for us, performing background and reference checks, and finally helping us find our new nanny. This service definitely helped us when were in a hurry to find a replacement and I am thrilled with how everything turned out. The girls are enjoying having a new friend, too!” - Natasha S.

“This is hands down my favorite nanny agency in Nashville and honestly, the only one I can recommend in this city. As a professional nanny, I am selective with the agencies I will work with. I only work with agencies that advocate for their nannies just as much as their families, and Nashville Nanny Agency does exactly that. The owner, Rachel, is incredibly in tune with both parents and nannies, which makes her matchmaking a true art form. She also doesn’t stop with simply making a placement — her placement process includes check-ins and professional consulting to help ensure both the family and nanny are practicing healthy communication and are happy. In my opinion, this agency’s attention to detail and sincere desire to help both families and nannies, makes it the best agency in town.” – Brooke from Nanny Counsel

“I could not have asked for a better experience with Nashville Nanny Agency. When my husband and I decided it was time to hire some additional help for our expanding family, I felt overwhelmed. How could I possibly find someone that would fit into our lives, love our kids, and respect our home? This was a huge investment for us and I did not take it lightly.

I did some preliminary searches for nannies and childcare agencies in and around Nashville. When Nashville Nanny Agency came up, I filled out the online application. Rachel reached out to me immediately to set up a meeting. I was blown away by her professionalism and how much she truly cared about finding a perfect match for my family.

In that first meeting, I was incredibly impressed by:

-Rachel: She was sweet, relatable, and entirely in my corner!

-The depth of preparation: Rachel went through the nuts and bolts of interviewing, best hiring practices, and payroll.

Within a week of our first meeting, Rachel sent “Nanny K” for an interview. My husband and I were absolutely blown away. She came prepared with a full portfolio showcasing of all her certifications and past employment. Even more impressive, Rachel clearly “got me” because “Nanny K” had the exact personality I was looking for in a Nanny/Home Manager. She was professional, organized, flexible and sweet.

It has been a month since we hired “Nanny K” and I am growing more grateful every day for her presence in our family. She doesn’t just babysit my children, she smooths out all the wrinkles in our household so that I can actually spend quality time with my babies. She is the extra set of hands that makes life so much easier. I feel like I can finally be the mom I want to be because I actually have time to sit on the floor and play. Had I known it could be like this, I wouldn’t have waited so long to start this process!”  – Carli P.

“Our experience with Nashville Nanny Agency was amazing. Rachel was super responsive and was able to find exactly what we were looking for in a nanny. Rachel’s personal nanny experience means that she knows the right questions to ask – both of the families and the candidates. She has great instincts and knew immediately when she had found our “match.” I would whole-heartedly recommend Rachel and Nashville Nanny Agency to anyone in search of an all-star addition to their household.” – Jessica G.

“We were nervous about finding a nanny and we could not find anyone we liked on our own. Rachel was super helpful and kind and worked with us to find the perfect fit for our family. She was willing to move quickly and found people who fit exactly our needs. Definitely use Nashville Nanny Agency. You can trust Rachel and the candidates she provides. Rachel found us a nanny who is basically a member of our family and goes above and beyond in her job. We could not be happier with our placement!” – Mary H.

“My husband and I had our first baby in December. We are both employed full-time with unpredictable schedules and often long hours. I had no idea where to even start looking for someone to help care for our child, so I called Rachel while I was expecting to get help. Rachel took what is often a stressful task of finding a nanny and made it easy. She listened carefully to all the things we valued and needed in a care provider. Her experience in being a nanny gave her key perspective in identifying great candidates. She went above and beyond to screen individuals such that we felt secure with the safety of our child. We ultimately hired the first person we interviewed. Our nanny is absolutely amazing, and we feel so blessed to have her. We couldn’t have found her with out Rachel. I recommend her to anyone without reservation or hesitation.” – Reagan S.

“We had a great experience working with Rachel and Nashville Nanny Agency. After searching on our own for several weeks, we were getting very discouraged about finding the right person to help care for our two young children. Then we met Rachel’s first candidate, “Nanny K”.  We knew right away that she was perfect for our position and our family. We are so thankful that Rachel was able to find us such a great nanny and would definitely recommend her to any other families.” – Stephanie K.

"We needed to hire a Nanny for our 3-year-old son and our newborn daughter to be born in a few months. The Nashville Nanny Agency after one conversation and reviewing our application knew exactly what we were looking for, and did all the preliminary work for us, saving us so much time and energy.  Rachel would not send anyone to interview with us who did not meet her experienced criteria. We were matched with the perfect fit for our family in only a month and could not be happier" - Kella F.

"Rachel was amazing and found us an incredible nanny. She took the time to understand our needs and curated  the candidates she sent our way." - Johanna B.

“We first met Rachel after the birth of our second child. At the time, we had just lost the nanny that had cared for our eldest child since he was born and were frantic to find someone that was the right fit for a newborn and an active three year old. Although we interviewed a number of qualified people, we loved Rachel from the moment she set foot in our house. She keeps a calm, positive demeanor that carries through everything she does. Rachel was our full-time nanny until she had her own sweet boy and she remains a part of our lives to this day. When she first shared with us that she was thinking about starting her own agency, we immediately saw the great fit this would be for her skill set. One of the things that has always impressed us about Rachel is her commitment to children as her career. She has explained to us that being able to impact the life of a child in such a personal and intimate way is something she feels passionate about. We see her agency as a way to reach the lives of more children by placing her hand selected care givers with the right families. In our experience, no decision has been more difficult or impactful upon our children than the selection of a nanny. Finding someone that can strike the right balance in your particular family is stressful and can be a really negative experience if the wrong decision is made. Having worked with Rachel in caring for our own children for six years, we have witnessed her commitment to building strong, positive relationships with not only our children but also with both of us. We know that Rachel’s ability to create these lasting relationships is something that will carry through as she strives to match nannies and families in a positive manner. We would not hesitate to recommend Rachel and her services wholeheartedly and feel certain that she can help her clients recreate the positive experience that we have had with her for so many years.”

– Brian and Lucibeth M. (Full-time working parents to two boys ages 6 and 10)